Who do you teach PDR to?

Can anyone do paintless dent removal? Anyone that is committed and wanting to learn with good hand eye co-ordination are likely to learn and succeed in PDR. In our PDR Courses, we have taught anyone from panel beaters, painters, detailers, window tinters, car yard sales reps, bumper bar repairers, mechanics, and now even moving into the business corporate sector and banking sectors – a trend probably caused by the coronavirus!

The business world has changed of late and although we feel the pain of all those who suffered total losses, fortunately PDR training has never been as busy as these past several months since March 2020 following a busy period in 2018 to 2019!

The online PDR Courses being run also have begun to improve in popularity! Feel free to contact us 0408020468 for all hands on PDR Training or perhaps try the online PDR Courses first to see our trainer in action!

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